Secretary’s Report from Thursday, July 12 2018

Another entertaining and educational meeting of the Harris Speakeasy Toastmasters club was held on Thursday July 12.

The meeting commenced with club President, Jim Dall, inducting the new office bearers.  Outgoing officers Natalie Zelkin, Brittney Younger, and Jamie Dougherty were thanked for their service and substantial contributions over the last year.

The club officers are:  Jim Dall, President; Christine King, VP Education; Phyllis Camper, VP Public Relations, Brad Kay, Secretary; Tony Maturana, VP Membership; Andrew Salzer, Treasurer; and  Theresa Foley, Sergeant at Arms.

Congratulations also go out to Jim Dall who was presented with his Competent Communicator (CC) award.

Christine King presents Jim Dall with his Competent Communicator award

VISITOR:  Our Area 45 representative, Rick Taylor, joined us for the meeting.

The Grammarian, Phyllis Camper introduced “Pioneer” as our Word-Of-The-Day.

Rob Williams entertained us with a technical briefing on FT-8, a new waveform for HAM Radio operators.    This was followed by Table Topics, prepared by Jamie on the theme of Pushing Boundaries.   Brad, Phyllis, Rob, Danielle and Kyu Jang participated.

Evaluations: Jim provided a very positive General Evaluation. Deborah Wong provided feedback to Rob on his speech.  Christine addressed timing and Phyllis reported on grammar.

Christine pointed out that roles and responsibilities can be found on the Speakeasy website.

Our meeting was closed on-time at 12:55pm.

New Officers Induction