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Toastmaster of the Day

The Toastmaster of the Day (TOD) is responsible for the final preparation and running of the meeting. Your main duty is to lead the meeting in a smooth and timely manner. Introduce guests, provide a short general meeting overview and introduce the following positions: General Evaluator, Grammarian/Ah Counter, Table Topics Master and Timer. Additionally, the TOD selects and introduces the “Theme”, coordinates the meeting functionaries, and creates energy and enthusiasm.

General Evaluator

The General Evaluator gives feedback to the meeting participants who have not already been evaluated.  Providing an opportunity for the Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, Table Topics participants, and the Evaluators to receive feedback on how well they did and to hear suggestions on how to improve.

The Evaluation Team not only includes the Speech Evaluators, but also the Grammarian/Ah Counter and Timer, these roles are performed to help participants see how well they are progressing and achieving their goals; the General Evaluator will call for each team members report.

Grammarian / Ah Counter

A Grammarian / Ah Counter has three responsibilities.  Report on interesting, unusual or effective uses of speech and also on any grammatical errors or “inappropriate” uses.  Set and introduce the Word of the Day (WOD), report on its use ~ ideally a word that is not in everyday use.  Report on hesitations (Ums and Ahs), filler words, crutch, slang or jargon and lazy language, as these distract from the speaker’s message.

Table Topics Master

Table Topics is the section of a Toastmasters meeting where we practice the art of impromptu speaking. The Topics Master is responsible for running this portion of the meeting, its purpose is to enable the members to develop the skills of impromptu speaking and provide a valuable speaking opportunity for anybody who is not otherwise included in the meeting program.


As Timer, you will help the speakers practice expressing a thought within a specific time. The duty of the Timer is to time prepared speeches, table topic speeches, and speech evaluations.


The prepared speeches are at the core of the Toastmaster’s experience and their evaluations are the primary method by which speakers receive pointers on how they can improve and, very importantly, encouragement.